We, Woolim Shipping, have been growing since our establishment in 1983 together with the astonishing development of the Korean petrochemical industry since the early 1990’s.

We are leading the Northeastern Asian petroleum and petrochemical transportation market by providing differentiated service with 23 ships in various sizes and experienced crews to our long term customers such as refineries, petrochemical companies and trading companies in not only Korea but in Japan, Taiwan and China also, who are the major market players in the Northeast Asian region.

We have been maintaining our high competitiveness by offering transportation services of outstanding safety and quality through well-trained crew members and various sized vessels as well as through vessel and crew management by our own management company.

We are striving towards leading the world’s biggest Northeastern Asian market through continuous investment in safe operation and eco-friendly ship management and active response to global market changes, thus, becoming one of the world’s first class shipping companies, providing top quality transportation service.

We ask for your unrelenting interest and support.

Choi, Jong Tae Chairman & CEO